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Exemption Exam Information

Exemption Exams help to determine the proper placement of students into Computer Science courses. Academic credit is not provided for a satisfactory score. All students are required to have prerequisite courses or exemption exams completed before starting any computer science course. Exceptions may apply to mathematics majors with the discrete structures class. The dates listed are for incoming students. If you are a local student, you should consider taking an exemption exam prior to your orientation date. Permission for subsequent courses will only be given once an exam is taken and passed with a satisfactory score.

Students may only take the exemption exam once, and all exams should be taken prior to the start of any semester. Current University students are not eligible for exemption exams if you have already begun the sequence of computer science classes. Regretfully, clarification or additional questions while you are taking the exam cannot be answered. Please answer to the best of your ability. Do not attempt an exam if you do not know all the topics that are covered on the exam, listed below.

Exemption exams are generally graded within 2 weeks, and the results are emailed.

How to schedule:
If you wish to take an exam, please reserve a seat two business days prior to the scheduled exam date by emailing .
In your email, please include

  • your name
  • your UID
  • exam you wish to take