Baner MIF



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Course structure

Undergraduate Courses

Fluency In Information Technology

Computer Science Principles
Computer Programming
Web Programming
Data Programming
Foundations Of Computing
Software Design And Implementation
Data Abstractions
Systems Programming
Programming Languages
Introduction To Data Management
The Hardware/software Interface
Hardware Design And Implementation
Introduction to Digital Design
Data Structures And Algorithms
Intermediate Programming Concepts And Tools
System and Software Tools
Leadership Seminar Series
Introduction To Compiler Construction
Software Engineering
Computer Systems
Programming Languages & Their Implementation
Introduction to Database Systems
Introduction To Artificial Intelligence
Algorithms And Computational Complexity
Introduction To Algorithms
Introduction To Theory Of Computation
Intro To HCI: User Interface Design, Prototype, Evaluation
Machine Learning
Introduction To Operating Systems
Introduction to Distributed Systems
Advanced Internet And Web Services
Computer Vision
Story Design For Computer Animation
Computer Graphics
Introduction To Computer Communication Networks
Software For Embedded Systems
Advanced Digital Design
Computer Design And Organization
Introduction To Artificial Intelligence
Embedded System Design
Digital System Design
Computer Security
Computers, Ethics, and Society
Introduction to Data Compression
Problem Solving on Large Scale Clusters

Professional (Evening) Courses

Compiler Construction
CSEP 503: Principles Of Software Engineering
CSEP 504: Advanced Topics In Software Systems
Programming Languages
Advanced Topics in Programming Languages
Human Computer Interaction
Natural Language Processing
Applied Algorithms
Parallel Computation
Computability And Complexity Theory
Database Management Systems
Transaction Processing 
Data Mining 
Computer Architecture
Computer Operating Systems 
Distributed Systems
Current Trends In Computer Graphics
Network Systems 
Design And Implementation Of Digital Systems
Applications Of Artificial Intelligence
Computer Vision
Design and Implementation of Digital Systems
Special Topics In Computer Science (PMP)
Software Entrepreneurship
Performance Analysis


Graduate Courses

Programming Language Analysis And Implementation
Software Engineering
Advanced Topics In Software Engineering
Principles Of Programming Languages
Advanced Topics In Programming Languages
Computer-Aided Reasoning for Software
Data Visualization
Statistical Methods In Computer Science
Natural Language Processing
Current Research In Computer Science
Computer Science Colloquium
Design And Analysis Of Algorithms
Computational Geometry
Parallel Algorithms
Randomized Algorithms And Probablisitc Analysis
Computational Complexity
Theory Of Distributed Computing
Discrete System Simulation
Machine Learning
Machine Learning for Big Data
Computer Systems Architecture
High-performance Computer Architectures
Computer Systems
Operating Systems
Distributed And Parallel Systems
Real-time Systems
Computer Graphics
Computer Communications And Networks
Computer Security And Privacy
Performance Analysis